Thursday, August 5, 2010

Animalistic Feelings


Like it or not, revenge, envy, rage, jealousy and many other horrifying-for-some feelings are looked down upon by us. I never thought that animals have these humanistic emotions. When I think about it, I start questioning myself "Do these feelings distinguish us from animals?"

It is the sense of challenge that provokes these forces to take over. The animalistic will to prove one it the alpha male is there in all of us, hidden behind the cloak of restrained-reverence. A plastic mask made by us, for us. I surrender sometimes and admit it, I feel these feelings gnawing at my bones periodically. What amazes me, is the ferocious effect they have. They are a force, a passion that demands swift actions.

I see envy in eyes, a spark, like the one in the Gazelles' eyes when it observes a lion chasing it. How superior this animal is!
But I am sure they are not really the negative feelings or sins some speak about. In a jungle, there is no place for critics. That is why critics are never killed, authors are the ones who are stabbed and shot.

© Ahmad Magdy - 2010