Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Day I Went Fishing

When I went fishing, in the middle of the sea, I could see no creature on the blue crispy carpet that extended as far as my sigh could distinguish, after the boat stopped its engine, I heard nothing. Silence- my friend- is a bless, and a horror as well. Swaying and dancing in the middle of nowhere is not the best feeling in the world, but at some times one feels it is a need to quit all the noise in the world, and to shun seeing more human faces. Very far from the boat, I saw a long stretch of tiny foggy houses and buildings. At other times, silence is threatening, when, you feel weightless, not to say insignificant. I felt so, that day. I was in a world, where creatures, which are just like us, yet maybe smaller, and smarter, live.

Do we really need the world to be quiet? Or we need to shut up a little and then go on again? I am not sure. But, like the sea, calm and tranquil when wind is easy. Yet, it is angry and devastating when wind rages. Why is our wind always raging?

I think we should ask the wind to have mercy up on us, really we should do this, very soon...


© Ahmad Magdy - 2009