Friday, January 30, 2009



I think it not a mere word. It is a life of its own. Some love to lead there life abiding by its rules although it may seem absurd to the outsider, but we never understand everything. Solitude is much more than a person who sits alone and wonder. One lives in a dream all night and feels that this dream is a world with all its characteristics; roles and players and everything. In solitude, one can choose his own place. settings and characters. Only when acquainted with something, this something leads the world of one's solitude and it becomes the Big Brother. It keeps going again and again showing itself in every feature and manner. Solitude is a world, I am sure.

It is desperate people's only friend, the fearful worst enemy and the self-confidant's biggest supporter. I see Nothing when I am alone -with a capital N. I see things clearly. I believe when one is alone one is able to see things clearly. One is able to watch everything around him/her.

It is a bless for a wanderer and a nightmare for a coward...

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Day Blog .. The Day it was born

I thought it was a good idea writing a blog as I am almost, always online. This blog is my world now and everyone of My Friends is welcome to take a peek at my World. . .

Search for Humans:

I look deep in their faces. Humans you know. Like me and you I think. I love looking at people which is kind of weird and sometimes I find a look back at me in anger and suspicion. We are suspicious. Arabs are suspicious. Humans are suspicious. I know it is not fair to judge but ...

I told my wise me 'tell me about life'. She answered 'life? Life is us'...

Us was always a source of amazment Us .. They told US. WE think. WE believe. But when I gave it more thought well yes we are life. We are the ocean, the sea and the birds. All are there. All al LIFE. Isnt it queer! it is.

You know I believe that eyes are not the only ID of the person. Features are tales. Detailed tales.. I can read them and I love to trace the route of life in them. They are the signiture of time and the lines of adventures. I see incidents in them. Days. months. accidents, quarrels, debates, wails, laughs, anger, giggles I swear I meticulously scrutinize all these tales. I feel it is life. We are life...

When you look at a person you think is wicked. Spend another moment looking at his/her eyes and another and another.