Sunday, March 29, 2009

Conversations With Zarn


Me: What is life?

Zarn: What life? What made you think you are living?

Me: Life is trees, animals and humans. That is life.

Zarn: What life?

Me: My life...

Zarn: What life?

Me: I am alive. I breath, eat and drink. Don't you know anything about life?

Zarn: What life?

Me: Why are you repeating your words?

Zarn: Because that is life. Repeatition.

Me: We are all alive. Look at our bodies. They are a drawing.

Zarn: Pyramids are a majestic drawing as well, does that mean that Pyramids are alive?

Me: I am confused...

Zarn: That is exactly what life is...

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


All fade in a thunderstruck. I have seen life in that heavy electric bold. All in one strike, all in one shot. Life, I realized, is like a thunder bolt.

Ideas come to me in a lightning, a sudden shock that lasts for seconds and then they disappear quietly. I sense them approaching then feel them penetrating my mind. They come in vague forms, and they are sometimes uncensored, untouched and up normal. These are never conquered or blocked. Have you ever succeeded in blocking an idea or a thought? If you can, I can assure you that you can stop lightening.

The problem is that the heaviest thunder can never light the dark forest for long. I can easily press fast forward while watching a 2 hour movie on my PC. What if life is a 70 or 80 year movie? But, what happens when I press fast forward for 1 Billion humans 70 or 80 year movies at the same time? There lives will seem like various lightnings that strike at the same time in a wild dark forest. The forest will shine massively I am sure, but after seconds it will be back to darkness.

But, what can last long enough to shine the wild forest forever?

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Can we stop the wind?

If we all stood in a row from east to west, as wide as ocean and as high as the pyramids, and as huge as mountains, will be able to stop the wind?

If yes, can our bodies bear the merciless wind? My mind encounters a much more hidden but slightly apparent question, will we tolerate each other's smell? Won't we feel squeezed with a collective way of thinking and no identity at all? How long will we stay that way? When will we collapse?

If no, will we lose faith in being a connected body hard enough to block the wind? Will we lose faith in everything? Will we all be crushed by the atrocious wind?

If we all stood in a row from east to west, as wide as ocean and as high as the pyramids, and as huge as mountains, will be able to stop the wind?

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

A Day

I cannot call my past or present or future happy, or even sad. You as well, must not do that-I think. I believe happiness and sadness are moments not days. One can enjoy thousand happy moments in a day that is full of misery and tears. I once laughed at a funeral and cried at a wedding. It is not a queer fact to see a smile in the worst day, or to see a flower in the atrocious wind, or an empty seat in a crowded train, or heart in a distasteful body. It is unfair to see the day as a whole treading over the various emotions that one has felt during the day.

A day is a life of its own, if you really think about it...

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hold both hands and swear like I do. We are humans and animals too ...

Zarn: It is not darkness that makes people not see. It is the excessive light. Truth is everywhere but unfortunately we are either blind or we prefer not to look.

Me: I am not blind. I see truth. I feel that I have touched a lot of things.

Zarn: Only the blind uses his hand to find his way.

Me: I am not blind.

Zarn: I once said so...

(Zarn is a fictitious character from an uncompleted novel that I have written long ago)

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009