Wednesday, June 17, 2009

World has turned into a jungle. Oh, no I used the wrong image.

World has turned into a jungle. Oh, no I used the wrong image.

In a jungle deers are not always fighting for grass. Birds do not destroy others' nests to prove they can do so. Flowers and trees grow everywhere in the jungle not within the lion's den only. Monkeys shower tigers with rocks fearlessly. They are not killed for making fun of these monsters.

Spiders build their homes wherever and whenever they want. They never wait for rats to dig the ground for them, or ants to plan their life for them. Even ravens have a life in the forest, they are not persecuted because of their hoarse voice. Bulls fight with each other, yet when a predator approaches, the herd run like one body regardless of their internal conflicts. Air in the jungle is wide open for all kinds of birds. It is not dominated by eagles. You never witness eagles soaring all the time, you always see birds of various colors and kinds conquering the free sky recklessly. Lions and Eagles maintain their superiority, yet all animals have a life. They are not oppressed. Snakes are not killed for being venomous or dangerous. In a Jungle, even ants have their community. They are significant. Every species has its role.

Never say that the world has become a jungle. Never compare between sane animals and insane humans. Have you ever seen animals in a killing-frenzy? Humans have seen this twice in their short history. See, never say that the world has become a jungle.

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

And Love !


Me: I loved her.

Zarn: When?

Me: What? I cannot remember. Maybe when I first saw her. Love at the first sight.

Zarn: When?

Me: Hmm. Well two weeks ago. It was on a Sunday. I was ...

Zarn: [Interrupted] When?

Me: Cannot you hear me? I said on a Sunday. It was about 11:00 AM

Zarn: It took you two weeks to realize that you do love her. Will you say so after two more weeks or after two years!

Me: I will always love her.

Zarn: Will you love her more than your children?

Me: [Hesitant] It is different. I will love them both.

Zarn: Mother and father?

Me: [Puzzled] I will love them too.

Zarn: Yourself?

Me: I love me as well.

Zarn: That is a big load of love to give, I wish you can deal with it. I have once known about a woman who has died giving birth to a dead child...

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009