Friday, April 27, 2012

The animal in you

If you want to see how animalistic humans are, watch them when they are angry. 

Humans invented clothes to hide their animalistic nature, but did they kill the animal in them? They spend all their lives trying to hide it, deny it and they feel ashamed of it... It is not shameful or unacceptable. I think we need to be courageous enough to accept it instead of oppressing it, or to be fair "attempting to oppress it". 

Sometimes, I feel I need to shout "it is ok to be an animal" just be a good one!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The last push!

Sometimes all you need to do is push. Like one bird twittering in a country filled with noise. Like, when running for a mile all your my muscles feel stressed, unable to go on, lungs about to explode, and I can no longer go on, it is that extra push that makes me keep on going. Who know how many extra pushes does one have! I feel like I am the only one calling on people to hang on to their lives when they see a flood coming, ravaging whatever it meets. Everyone makes one's reality, but what if everyone wants a shitty reality, and I want a wonderful one! Which will affect which! Which will dominate?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

They do not give a fuck about us!!!


Actually, let me put it this way, I do not buy what BIG companies promote, because they do not know what is good for me. Did you notice that the buying cycle has changed miserably? 

When one feels that one needs something, he/she searches for the best stuff for him/her and buy it. The cycle is reversed these days. Once a company advertize a product one feels the need for it.  Once a clothing line promotes something, one feels the urge to have it. Once a brand is so popular, one feels that he/she must acquire one of its products.

When I think about it, I feel it is strange. What makes a company promote something that hard, and pressure it everywhere all the time? Money? It would never occur to me that they care for me that much! They are not so concerned whether I need it or not, they care to sell it, actually, they don't give a fuck about us, they give a fuck about our cash, so I have decided -after trying for some time-  to reject that, and respond "I don't give a fuck about these companies either". I will search for the best for me whether it is a brand or not, and I would rather support local businesses. I think it is good to support good local products rather than playing a part in that MASS PRODUCTION vicious trap. 

Think about it, do you really believe those businesses which claim they care about you and your needs?

This goes on with the monopoly that some websites lead. I use search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask or Google. Does it have to be GOOGLE only? I understand that these big websites like Google and Facebook try to own it all, but one should consider himself/herself an individual with sense to choose what one wants to do. Take Facebook for instance, it works on and on to own almost all of our time on internet by adding chat, notifications (all the time to keep visiting) then (recently) video call, and who knows what is next. In old days, I used to use yahoo messenger and MSN messenger, Skype and Facebook, which was healthy. Facebook tries to dominate internet to be only about Facebook, don't you think so! I am not refusing Facebook, it is a very good company, I am just thinking about encouraging competition. I believe we are responsible, we kill many good products by acting in this sheepish way of following what is in fashion.

Clothing lines, fastfood companies and websites are trying to kill our identities by claiming they know what is the "best" for us. It is time to choose. I believe, it is time to decide what is best for us. We are different. I think, everyone has his/her own taste and style that could be somewhere far from what is promoted, but some do not have the time to search for it.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Excuse me, when do you live exactly?

Coldness no longer makes me quiver. I am no longer looking for warmth. It is no longer a priority. Isn't it startling? I am twenty five but not as sensible to coldness as when I was twenty! I used to detest cold weather. I used to bury my body alive in cloth. 

It keeps pushing me to think, that question of when exactly does one live? At what age? At which point in life does one travel and discover life? When does one free one's self of these heavy metal chains of society, family, friends and work?

That slow tide of work and home, home and work, work and home, home and work and old friends that suck life out of any human being until one wakes up abruptly with a fragile body and sixty years on one's back. 
At that point mind keeps explaining its actions, providing evidence of success; that vague word that blind those who see, like gold, for me, invaluable. 

When will you travel? When will you swim in different seas? When will you try new stuff? When will you breathe different airs? When will you experience life, real life? 

Maybe my idea of life is not real life, but those who live out of the jungle wonder how can monkeys manage to live all their life jumping from one tree to another, looking for food and a good fuck.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Down the road...

It is the simplest touch of hope that can force you choose your dreams. A mechanical approach to life means to see everything connected. Everything is one way or another related to us and our life explains the ingoing trust in an outer majestic force that moves us all. 

We are like men and women who push their lives down a long road collecting everything that they think they need in their live-carts. One day, I stopped in the middle of the way, pushed the cart in the river, and sat there, thinking. Do I really need to go on? What will happen if I die in the middle of the road? 

I even see monuments, wooden paths, houses, farms on the side of the road build by once-alive dead people. Some even paved it before they die to make it easier for us to reach our demise, why would they do so? It is a marathon, but some choose not to join the lunatic racing crowd. No worries the road can take as many racers as life is willing to offer. 

Oh, I can see some decided to wait for the rain, because they believe they might run out of water in the middle of the way, so they need to be prepared. But, if there is no rain, they might die out hunger by waiting there, strange. Maybe, they see me a strange person as well... 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This is the end, my beautiful friend

It was said by The Doors. Eyes are fixed now; mind as well. I keep wandering in life, a great place. Small intruding stars wait for more scenes. I hear voices, sharper than shrills of pain. Streets are war zones. A splendid war zone is still a war zone, I said. Have you ever watched a cat running down the streets of Alexandria like a lady who has been raped, ravished, but trying to keep the strong facade. Cats are smart, they step on their dignity to survive. What a cause! 

A snake never stops biting even when caught, never quits fighting back, a genuine warrior. It is the same conclusion that has been promoted in every age, it is either to die standing or live on your knees. To be life's bitch or death's man... 

This is the end, my beautiful friend... 


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A demigod beholder


These white sharp arrows that rest up there, pointed at every single looker, beholder, wait there patiently waiting for my fall. No eyes, just sharp white gestures, pointed everywhere, only a fool counts them. The hand of god is white with many wrinkles, circular, large, actually massive. I wonder what would happen if it squashes us all one day. An intimidating scene of defiance and rage. I wish I can hold the bull by the horns, but how can I act as a demigod with my feminine human soft hands? I am a human, shoot me. I know you will do so sooner or later. I detest this dark blue scene at night...