Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Old Smiles

Sometimes your past is not that good to keep. It keeps pulling you back to its darkness. Its wrinkled shades of happiness. These memories that were once a life are never going to repeat itself. You will not allow it. Yet, they keep snarling and kicking to be observed by your fresh looks that search for happiness in a labyrinth designed meticulously by life. I try not to look back, but they, like old women, who do nothing but call your name to help. Happiness is no where. Crocked faces and smiles construct a colossal figure of past, if you leave it there, look at it with awe, whisper "what a wonderful figure of ancient charm?" you will have a life. If not, the whole giant will collapse over your dreamy head and squash your dream of future happiness...

Purple Spattered Memories by Zancan

© Ahmad Magdy - 2010