Sunday, October 3, 2010

The eternal trap

Fury eats through flesh, I am sure of it. Gnaws at these white bones that fill our fragile bodies. It fights and slaps. Shoots and stabs us. I know, it is like blood, with a different color. What I am sure of is that it boils in a spot close to the heart, thus lungs collapse and struggle to puff the hot air out. Believe me, it is a collision that echoes all over the enraged body. What a force! Eyes see people, yet mind concentrates on anger unwilling to forgive or relent to the joys of existence. You realize the seriousness of your existence when you find out that it is a wicked trap set up to fool you into believing in life.

I get mad when I get furious. I feel I am baited, or call it I feel I am fooled into existence. Beware, life is a trap.  

© Ahmad Magdy - 2010

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