Sunday, March 29, 2009

Conversations With Zarn


Me: What is life?

Zarn: What life? What made you think you are living?

Me: Life is trees, animals and humans. That is life.

Zarn: What life?

Me: My life...

Zarn: What life?

Me: I am alive. I breath, eat and drink. Don't you know anything about life?

Zarn: What life?

Me: Why are you repeating your words?

Zarn: Because that is life. Repeatition.

Me: We are all alive. Look at our bodies. They are a drawing.

Zarn: Pyramids are a majestic drawing as well, does that mean that Pyramids are alive?

Me: I am confused...

Zarn: That is exactly what life is...

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

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