Thursday, April 30, 2009

Women can either Marry, or become Great Women

"Women can either Marry, or become Great Women"

This statement can easily put an eluded woman to rage. A line that can stoop at their regular believes that are by now a full grown mind. But before surrendering to the perplexing common reaction, and before jumping to conclusions, read my whispers through this note.

How many married women made history? Ok, ok, that was not a good start. I will start as calm as a soft breeze. A girl is born in majestic hopes of a sacred -not from the religious point of view but from the traditional Middle-Eastern view- matrimony that fill the hospital's air. Every cheering face that meet with the round-faced-piece-of-precious-meat perceive nothing but a grown girl accompanied by a man who can "care for her".

That introduction is also a bit slow-paced. Let me start over again; this time with concrete views. Man -GENERAL RULE AND I MEAN ALL MEN. YES I AM GENERALISING- in all societies, all places, all countries, all races and all planets -I believe- is and will be as dominating in his views as a king who speaks about being just and from-the-people. History like a flood has successfully wiped all traces of equality. Of course -like pulling ancient monuments out of oceans- some speckles of equality come to light throughout the last decade –and still women congratulate themselves with them- but they are never completely equal. Maybe, as some will succumb to the rusty perception which is that women are not like man physically. Well, bravo, they are not. But, what if they are equal mentally? Why does one still find some actions "improper" if done by women? Enough fooling ourselves!

I tried by all means to be as serene as a calm passer by who tries to explain the directions. I have always known that men are not ever going to shake off that luxury of inequality from their minds and their behavior. But, what I never knew is that many women refuse to have their "irresponsible" freedom.

Man has the seeds of inequality in his mind why do women water them, why?

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  1. It's more than amazing bgd luv it & I'm totally agreeing wiz the idea...ama ur way of expressing this idea belzat i have no words 2 say...

  2. mm .. politely disagree!

    1) Definition of great:

    Edison was great and so was Alexandar the great! however each one of them was great in something totally different that the other .. it was in something that did have a great affect later on on the whole society.

    2) Definition of Different:

    And i think you agree here, that different doesn't mean better or worse. Just different. Apple and oranges are different, so you can not compare them ..right ?

    3) Irresponsible!

    Says who! women who end up as housewives do take care of our most precious .. the next generation.

    They in general have the biggest affect on all of generations. And that is a HUGE responsibility.

    4) Conclusion

    Many great women do/did exist. Maybe not great by what some consider as measures of greatness. But that basically means they are great ...but not famous :)

  3. Thanks for the comment ..

    I do agree that everyone of us has his/her definition of greatness and difference.

    I do not have the any problem with disagreeing, but I was curious about this point,

    "women who end up as housewives do take care of our most precious .. the next generation"

    It is stunning that throughout history Men could easily convince women that they are made to "stay" home and "take care of the next generation", haven't you ever thought why there are "housewives" and no "houseHUSBANDS", in spit of the fact that they both share the same so called house ...

    Part of being great is by changing lives of others -my humble opinion- and taking part in changing history, there is no great shadows. There are some who are smart, some wise but not great. see my point ...

    Thanks again for taking time to reply ...

    Best Regards


  4. Hello, me again :)

    Maybe i didn't make my intension clear enough, women by default have a greater capacity to love, forgive, teach and provide support/help ... thus women are much better suited for the "housewives" role.

    Doesn't mean at all that women get a lower priority job, on the contrary it is because men can not do this role as good as women do !

    And as for the last note about "great", in the first point we did mentioned that we can have a difference in our understanding of greatness, how to measure greatness.

    the term "great shadows" and the use of the word "shadow" indicates that it was meant in the context of "Fame", which IMHO does not equal great as stated before.

    So to conclude, i see your point. And hope you see mine!

    Thank you for your time,


  5. Thank you Waleed for the comment, of course I see your point :)

    Thanks again for repying