Saturday, May 16, 2009

Looks and faces make me think

Looks and faces make me think.

Looks that are as sharp as bows ready for war, or maybe bows that are not determind to fight but still they try to fool other worriars. I saw them fill the streets like posters glued to the the dingy walls. Curious, hesitent, fearful, daring. Looks that are ready to be accompanied by words at some cases and by silence at other. Ready to criticize and ready to meet any invading glance.

I think a lot about these looks and faces, and never cease to do. I look at these looks that may depress one and may make another one feel superior.

An Old man looking at young faces that are full of recklessness and unexpectedness with a tearful now-red eyes. A young girl slyly looking at handsome boys while bypassing their hungry deprived perverted looks. A woman -obviously mother- weightened by burdens helplessly concealing her fatigued eyes. A man observing the streets mindlessly shooting aimless arrows at random faces with no purpose - no purpose at all.

Wisdom is gone and life is still there, have you seen the dirty trees? Have you seen tiny rocks and ants? I have seen all of these, but I still have not seen everything on the same streets that I walk down every single day. Every day I detect plenty of new things that challenge my wondering mind, plenty of looks, plenty of phenomenans, plenty of scenes...

Yet still, looks and faces make me think.

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

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