Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am sure -by now- that clothes can amend looks, that might be as pleasant, but they can never cover faults and deformities in one's personality. I am guiltily not proud to have a nose that can detect humans' hideousness. It is a shame. I swear I can smell envy, even if you do not believe me, I smelt it many times before, it smells like rotten fruit. Hate -I know- smells like dead animals, not just any dead being, just deceased animals. You know, a dead animal differs completely from any dead being, yet they are all dead, all have vanished, all smell and all are there no more. Anger has a strange odor, it's like smoke, a very thick smell. But, to smell these flaws, they require a good nose and an alert mind. You might find it weird or amusing, but I find it unpleasant, for when I walk among a crowd, I feel attacked by these smells, they even get stronger as if in rivalry with each other, at these moments, I look around sharply, yet I never witness anyone sharing my repugnant feeling, no one, but wretched cats and street-dogs.

I might certainly be dead wrong, but I am sure these smells need a good nose and an alert mind...
© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

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