Friday, August 14, 2009

That is why we kill wild animals

Have you ever seen an angry Human being?

I did too. But, I never thought I will talk about it, because I -like any animal- get angry. As a poor observer, I look at The Angry being. When one is angry you see one's real carefully veiled animal, the one we hide all the time and try to cover it with one's joyful friendly attitude or strict formal demeanor. Look at an angry being, you will see what you never expected or explored before in a human being.

You see a scarlet face, as if blood boils and the whole body is about to explode violently splattering blood everywhere. Swiftly, everything progresses, sound raises, heart beats furiously like a raging sea, eyes quiver like a building during an earthquake, sounds blow from one’s mouth like gunshots. A hidden power creeps into the distressed body fueling it to push, bunch and hurt. You will be startled when you witness a peaceful human turns into a mad animal, a wild dog, a disgusting hyena.

Did you ever see an Angry Human Being? If you do, look at one closely, observe one's movements, features, actions, only then, you will know why humans hunt wild animals…

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

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