Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Give and Take

Apply this concept to any action in life, you will know what I mean. It can be applied to materialistic daily stuff, like money for service, also the other way round, service for money. If one day, you listen to someone's heart-rending story that lasts for thirty hours that is soaked with emotions -may be- unintentionally, you will be waiting desperately for a chance to prove to yourself that you will be heard likewise. Fair enough. Give water, take fruits. Give money, take work. Give good deeds, go to heaven.
Yet sometimes, unexpectedly, results fail you, or somehow "fool" you, life treats you with a slap on your face. You give water, yet a diseased tree surprises you with a rotten fruit. Ironically, you might give your employees cash, but they betray your confidence and do the work half-heartily. It is astonishing, is not it? But, the question is what happens when you spend hours fishing, still not a single fish colorizes your starving rod?

© Ahmad Magdy - 2010

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