Sunday, January 3, 2010

Leopard and hyenas


They fought off the slim leopard that caught that golden deer. How could the lonely wanderer win a fight against a group of starving hyenas? The leopard was fast, smart and light enough to capture the wonderful piece of meat, but not strong enough to defend his prize. Mouths wide open. Saliva dripping. Hyenas have the strongest jaws. They knew this fact, thus they exploited it, and the leopard knew it as well. It filled the holes of fear in its heart, this grim fact, that touched his mind and made it well aware of its inferiority. Is it a shame that leopards walk their way in the world as individuals not in groups? How fair can life be? Still, the famished swift animal paced the yellow grass feeling laughed at by the snoopy wind and the wooden haughty trees. The universe looked down upon it. Its raging glistening eyes observed a lonely zebra. It was there, red, it was even lonely, just like the lonely stalker. Lost its way. His food.

© Ahmad Magdy - 2010


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  2. Am not sure if that's how u meant it but I felt a sense of balancee & fairness in it ..