Saturday, May 28, 2011

Down the road...

It is the simplest touch of hope that can force you choose your dreams. A mechanical approach to life means to see everything connected. Everything is one way or another related to us and our life explains the ingoing trust in an outer majestic force that moves us all. 

We are like men and women who push their lives down a long road collecting everything that they think they need in their live-carts. One day, I stopped in the middle of the way, pushed the cart in the river, and sat there, thinking. Do I really need to go on? What will happen if I die in the middle of the road? 

I even see monuments, wooden paths, houses, farms on the side of the road build by once-alive dead people. Some even paved it before they die to make it easier for us to reach our demise, why would they do so? It is a marathon, but some choose not to join the lunatic racing crowd. No worries the road can take as many racers as life is willing to offer. 

Oh, I can see some decided to wait for the rain, because they believe they might run out of water in the middle of the way, so they need to be prepared. But, if there is no rain, they might die out hunger by waiting there, strange. Maybe, they see me a strange person as well... 

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