Sunday, May 15, 2011

This is the end, my beautiful friend

It was said by The Doors. Eyes are fixed now; mind as well. I keep wandering in life, a great place. Small intruding stars wait for more scenes. I hear voices, sharper than shrills of pain. Streets are war zones. A splendid war zone is still a war zone, I said. Have you ever watched a cat running down the streets of Alexandria like a lady who has been raped, ravished, but trying to keep the strong facade. Cats are smart, they step on their dignity to survive. What a cause! 

A snake never stops biting even when caught, never quits fighting back, a genuine warrior. It is the same conclusion that has been promoted in every age, it is either to die standing or live on your knees. To be life's bitch or death's man... 

This is the end, my beautiful friend... 


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