Sunday, May 24, 2009

How can a race be that perfect?


I believe Angels are ... Well. Maybe I do not believe in Angels. Can a whole race be always good, always pure, always "complete". I never knew about an angel who once in its life behaved recklessly or even sinned. Why? "Because they are angels" that is what I get. My crippled mind never comprehend this fact, that a race is that faultless. They might be like humans; impressive façades. Can a race be that flawless?

I am not "dissing" Angels or any one? But, this is just a thought. Angels are good, devils are bad, Humans are neither good nor bad, aren't these stereotypes funny? I hate it when someone describes a little child or a beautiful girl as an angel. Have you ever seen one yourself? "Yes, heard about them, read about them" OK as you like, but think about it more you will find it dubious -or may for me only. It is striking how quickly can one's mind jump to conclusions.

A Chinese philosopher who is called Lao Tzu was once walking with a friend of his down a desert road and suddenly, they saw a skull. His friend expressed his pity about the dead skull. Lao Tzu retorted "How do you know it's bad to be dead?"

How can a race be that perfect?

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