Friday, September 11, 2009

Have you ever tried to live like the sea?


Some live like birds, some like animals and some like plants, but have you ever tried to live like the sea?

Like birds, some humans have wings, a variety of kinds of birds, robust hawks, vicious eagles, magnificent flamencos, loud parrots, sensual pigeons and silly penguins. To my surprise I found out that the same theory applies to animals, humans are exactly like the different species of animals, glorious lions, huge elephants, sly snakes, wicked hyenas and stupid monkeys. Have you ever thought about it? Even plants, same as humans, differ, harmful cactuses, ambitious palms, fruitful trees and graceful flowers. It is unbelievable to notice these similarities, for me.

Have you ever tried to be like the sea? Silent, but when it is furious nothing can stop it. When it is passionate, you find ships swaying lightly, lights drawing pictures of love and romance on its surface. And when it is cheerful, you see it dancing, with waves celebrating the event splashing water everywhere; it shapes its world. Still, when depressed, you see the sea sleek, calm, motionless and smooth, as if dead...

Have you ever tried to be like the sea?

Moran Thomas The Angry Sea

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

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