Monday, February 9, 2009

The Day I Saw the White Giant

Stunning, isn't it that thing that is called sight? We never respect that gift until we wake up with red-eye or a blurry vision. But sight is a burden that is not endured by all those who can "see". I never was sure about this except when I looked at It that day.

It was a ship, that I always saw as "a ship" but that day it was different. It was a piece of a tree ruthlessly cut a long time and a piece of metal melt long time ago connected by man's viciously smart mind. I saw it a giant fish killer. Fish, who are like any other species, except that they are weaker. They are like humans, birds and animals, but as some reckless "human" explained -justifying killing- that only the strong survives. "It is just a ship." I exclaimed, but the white giant gazed at me arrogantly sailing calmly assured that those who see it as a massive killing machine -those who really "see"- were few. Thus, it was as proud as ever and blind people were as blind as ever. I thought about and I found that we indifferently eat fish, animals and birds, and birds eat worms, worms eat poor leaves, trees feed on water, water feed humans. What an abominable cycle.

Some call this evil sight, because those who see life in this way see humans' hideous deeds only, but what if we humans are in face hideous. It is that ship that we made that can fire rockets to kill humans. It can kill fish; lots of fish. A killing machine that is one of many products of evil minds.

It is not light that we miss, it is sight, real sight...

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009

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  1. this piece is really amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng ya ahmad bgdd...