Friday, February 27, 2009

Rain -I think- is the tears of the world.


Rain -I think- is the tears of the world.

Thunder -I think- is its groans...

Yesterday, I felt depressed when I saw people running from "Its" tears. Running vehemently as if it hurts us to watch it crying. I stood for some time to see cars moving harshly over the remnant of the tears that filled the patient street. Tears that filled the world. Full of pain accompanied by anger and groans. But, I saw people running as if the drops of water were drops of coal falling from hell. What hell? Have they ever seen it? But, they saw the tears and ran from them. It kept raining. I bent and tasted the water, it was salty. Exactly like our tears. Human tears.

Some tears do not affect us, so never pretend that we Humans do care. Never do that. It is an illusion.

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009


  1. Although am usually in a totally diff mood when it rains .. I likee ur view & can feel it ..
    as for those who run ! if only they would let the drops touch their skin .. breathe it !
    But I insist there are human who DO CARE..

  2. yea i guess ppl are afraid to admit that the world they run away from the rain...they have their own miseries, own tears streaming down their faces and dont need to feel the world's tears on their skin as well, however this doesnt mean that they r indifferent!

  3. see..thats how poeple run from one another's rain as well..when they feel its too hard to face it...