Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eleven minutes of observing the clock ...

Eleven. Only then I notice the clock. Tick. Tick. Tick. Sluggishly it moves but how come it is so accurate? I look at it moving peacefully. Very Peacefully no worries at all. Tick. Tick. Ticks are firm, consistent and never faulty. How amazing the work of mind is! Ten. I decide to follow it for eleven minutes. Maybe I can learn something about life. It is a shame that it never misses its path, man-made path. Tick. Tick. But, our path in life is not Man-made -I think. Why do we miss ... Nine. Did you notice it? Two minutes have passed. They have passed already. Time is a fascinating mind-controlling tool. Tick. Tick. How can one think when one is followed by time? Time, as firm as mountains as controlling as shackles. Eight. Smoothly it moves. Very accurate, damn, how can anything be so accurate? Even our minds are not that accurate - I think. What if I put my finger before its path? It will stop for sure, but, what will happen then? It will be back again moving. Seven. Steadily it moves. Very steady and provoking moves. I am curious, who made you? and why are you so so so so surprising? Six. It is a tool. It is a machine. I start consoling myself. It cannot be that marvelous. At least it cannot see. Yes, it cannot see. "Hey, can you see me?" Tick. Tick. Tick. I think I am not sure if it cannot see by now. Its numbers are staring, threateningly. With a punctual movement like heartbeats. Four. Oh, I missed a minute. And a sound too. I am starting to re-organize my thoughts. What if the clock is nothing but a human, but more punctual? No Some people are punctual as well. Time. Time. I think it is an angry runner. Always running furiously not noticing that there are foolish people who have their lives depending on it. Its ticks define some aspects of our live. One. I missed another minute. See, it is even fooling me. Time is tricky.. Time. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Minutes and seconds -I am sure- constrain creativity...

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009


  1. exactly..the details and how one feels with each passing second..time is so harsh and indifferent