Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trash Collectors

They come at night, trash collectors. Yes, they do. This ensures them that they are unheard, unseen and uninterrupted by the people. Common people, who wake up early to go to work and return home at about 3 or 4 they have their dinner, nap, watch TV, phone calls, and sleep early to wake up early to go to work again.

When I think about it, I see this an effective way to deal with the trash. Maybe those people never think about the view of society, but who knows what alternative they have. If they saw it as inappropriate, well, it is still a job. What if these things are done by machines? Why do "Humans" collect other "Humans'" trash?

Their looks are depressing and inspiring as well. They are almost always looking down, they see what busy us never witness. They patiently scrutinize the road, land, asphalt, and park that we walk across or sit at indifferently. I believe they see things better than we do or will ever will. They see life in the dingy tiny pieces of handkerchiefs, empty packets, remnants of bread leafs, brownish-yellow-stepped-on leaves, twisted cans and used-to-be-important crumbled papers. We never notice these things because once we exploit a thing it becomes no longer important to us. We lose interest in it. It turns into past . We humans prefer to neglect our past, or to be specific the no-longer-important incidents in our past. Even if they are still there smashed and fractured. We are exploiters of purity and life as well, I believe. Only trash collectors see it. They see it all. But, to be accurate -unfortunately- even them, sometimes, they fail to see it. Even when you do not have a broom and a box you can be a trash collector, I am trying to be one...

We only take the new unexploited pieces of life, exploit them and they are no longer significant in our life...

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009


  1. I likee the way u view the whole thing awyy ..

  2. i loved ur view ,, i thoght about those ppl b4 we are disgusted on seeing them but in fact we owe them being clean ,, any way i think z more simple u r the more wise you r .. do3a2

  3. U donot how ugly I feel when i c those people...i dodnot even want to raise my eyes to face theirs..I feel it is total inhumanity that they do this ..maybe machines is a great least it would make me raise my eyes to all my human fellows and donot lower them in shame..