Saturday, February 14, 2009

When the Light Dies out...

Light. What will happen if all of a sudden the light that shines the world dies out? With no electricity to help or even batteries or anything, what will happen?

As to myself, I no longer fear darkness, but do animals understand this. Some animals wait for darkness in order to strike or hunt, and some -like us- will just hide waiting impatiently for the dimness to come to an end. I might not fear this dark-like-death atmosphere but lots of naive people -they will be called so- will panic. I can see them all fearful and uncertain. I can see them clearly. The world will become as dark as if the world in locked in a closed box. People may become more aggressive and more impatient. They might become intolerant, anxious and vehement. It is darkness that will be the reason for all this. Darkness that will make them feel their blindness and inability to be in control. This unexpected-by-them behavior will not be out of fear in general, but it will be out of the fear of the unknown. "What will happen next?" they will wonder, but they will receive no answer.

Some will swear they know the reason of all this, and some will be lured by their wisdom. Some will swear they can light all the world, and some will believe them. Some will just wait; wait for it to end...

Someone will take the initiative and light a match. This human will be called a god or a fool. Only then, they will be able to judge that initiator. Everyone will be able to see and inspect the exposed body. They will say this one is tall, thin or may be beautiful or ugly or a scientist or an artist. The match will eat through the fragile peace of wood until it burns this one's shivering hand. Then, one will also be called a fool or a fake artist or a crazy magician. In fact, they will also gossip about this "bastard's" faults and disabilities. "The bogus scientist is now stripped" they will triumphantly say to each other in the dark. No one will ever dare to light a match afterwards. It will only be darkness and loud whispers and humans and animals fighting...

In a world of darkness, no one is judged, only those who light a fire are seen, but they will hurt themselves. It is darkness that will prevail, darkness, the toughest force...

© Ahmad Magdy - 2009


  1. gamda ya 7amada gidannnn
    I love it :)
    kinda true too...
    Whoever starts the light, gets burned.. and the ones who thought of doing the same will learn from his mistake, and keep on cursing the dark

  2. i believe in darkness world would be a much much better place.m3 ini ba7b al light gdnnn as it gives me hope darkness is the best .u r a great writer bgdd........ ..soo talented and soo true.